Tell me, how is my child kept safe? Your childs safety is of the utmost concern for Little Explorers Maui. Children are constantly counted, and the front check-in area is closely monitored for all children arriving and leaving.

Can my child bring his/her own toys? Toys from home are not allowed, as this usually causes problems. Little Explorers Maui is not responsible for lost or damaged items brought from home.

Do you change diapers? Diapers and toilet training are tended to every 2 hours, or as needed. If your child is in the process of being toilet trained we ask that you bring them in a pull-up and provide diapers. (There is a $3.00 charge for every diaper.)

Are meals/snacks provided? A small afternoon snack is provided by Little Explorers Maui. Meals are not provided but may be brought from home (no fast food please). Little Explorers is now offering catered lunches for purchase – ask our staff for more information.

What if my child doesn’t nap? All children are required to ‘rest their bodies’, this is quiet time on their towel/blanket.

Are you open on State and Federal Holidays? We are open on most state holidays and breaks. Subject to change, please inquire for calendar.

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