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Our Program

  • We accept children 2.3 yrs - 5 yrs
  • Age appropriate
  • Hands on
  • Small Ratio 6:1
  • Child assessments
  • Parent teacher conferences


Dedicated Staff


Each of our teachers have a love for working with children and will encourage your child to participate in
many age appropriate activities that will create the skills necessary for a bright and successful future.


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Preschool is an extremely special time for children and parents alike. Everything is new and exciting.

They are learning and developing new skills at a rapid rate as new language and skills seem to appear overnight. It is a time for exploration, independence, friendship, and fun. Here at LEM, we work hard to ensure that preschool is a positive experience for all. We guide children through positive interactions, age appropriate activities, and a comforting environment that enables children to reach

their full potential.